The hallways at Parkway Manor Elementary School were covered with favorite words for Sandra's visit there in December!


Roy Cloud School welcomes Sandra with this wonderful banner and balloons!

Invite Sandra to Your School



Sandra is delighted to talk about the Daisy series and to introduce children to the process of writing for young readers.

Her presentation will be tailored to your school’s needs.  She has met with individual classes and several classes combined, as well as doing assemblies for hundreds of students.

She enjoys talking about both writing and editing, and she will bring examples of edited manuscripts so students will learn about the value of editing and rewriting their work.

Sandra also will discuss how authors and illustrators work together to make stories come alive.

Like Daisy, Sandra thinks a lot about which words she will use and she will share with students the fun of choosing which words to put on each page.

Praise for Sandra’s Most Recent School Visit


Thank you for spending the day at Pacific Elementary School.  The second and third grade students enjoyed your presentation.  Especially interesting to the students was how long it takes to write a book and create the finished product.  With Writer’s Workshop, students are learning more about editing as an important step in the writing process.  Your mention of your writing group’s and editor’s feedback and comparing that to peer and teacher writing suggestions was helpful for students to hear.  I now have a very long hold list for all of the Daisy books!


Julie Jones, Librarian, Pacific Elementary School, Manhattan Beach

Schools Sandra has visited include:

The Swain School – Allentown, PA

Sandra (in the middle) with Roy Cloud School Principal Greg Land and Librarian Steffani Lera

Parkway Manor School – Allentown, PA

Roosevelt Elementary School – Burlingame, CA

Franklin Elementary School – Burlingame, CA

North School – Hillsborough, CA

Roy Cloud School (K-8) – Redwood City, CA

The Phillip Brooks School – Menlo Park, CA

Trinity School – Menlo Park, CA

Commodore Sloat Elementary School -San Francisco, CA

Robinson Elementary School, Pacific Elementary School and Grand View Elementary School – Manhattan Beach, CA

If you are interested in arranging a school visit, please contact Sandra at


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